Climate Change – How It Affects Us and What We Can Do About It

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Scientists have been predicting that climate change will make the planet hotter and more prone to extreme weather events for decades, and now, the science is finally confirming these predictions. In a report published last year, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said that global warming will likely continue until the end of the century if the current trend of warming continues. But this may not be possible. In the coming years, we must take decisive action to limit climate change.

We should make an effort to reduce our emissions. We must make an effort to cut down our carbon footprint if we want to slow the rate of climate change. Currently, we are emitting more than half the amount of greenhouse gases we produce. That will cause the global average temperature to increase by three to four degrees C by the end of the century, and the sea level to rise by twenty-five to sixty-three feet by the end of the century. Even if we cease all greenhouse gas emissions, most of the effects of climate changes will still be experienced.

While climate change affects all parts of the world, it is especially devastating to the poorest countries. Many developing countries already experience overly hot summers and winters. A recent study found that half of the Great Barrier Reef’s corals have died since 1995. Meanwhile, rising temperatures are increasing the risk of wildfires. As a result of climate change, the Earth’s oceans are growing warmer and more acidic, driving up sea levels. The melting of Siberian ground is likely to release a large amount of greenhouse gases that have been trapped there for centuries.

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