Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

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When buying an open face motorcycle helmet, check to see that it is made in New Zealand. It might save you money by buying an off-shore helmet, but you are at risk of getting a knock-off, and it won’t be covered by the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act. Buying local will also save you the embarrassment of an accident, and support local motorcycle dealers. However, it’s not always easy to find a New Zealand-made open face motorcycle helmet.

Helmet That Will Enhance Your Riding Experience

The aerodynamic design of an open face helmet nz is beneficial to bikers because it reduces drag during racing. It also includes an internal sun shield that keeps the sun out of your eyes. In addition, it has a wide range of features, including integrated Bluetooth and intercom systems. However, a quality helmet can cost anywhere from $500 to two thousand dollars. However, if you want a helmet with the most features, consider buying a new one.

While open face helmets are more aerodynamic than full-face ones, they are not as effective at protecting your vision or hearing. They also tend to lift, so they can expose your face to the wind. Open face helmets can also be more comfortable, since the visor does not obstruct your peripheral vision. Additionally, open face helmets tend to be cooler than full-face helmets, and some models have flip-down visors.

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